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Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts lists the accounts from the selected client’s general ledger. The table lists the account code, the account description and indicates whether the account has been allocated to an account group.

You can:

Customising or creating charts of accounts

This procedure is ideal if you have shoebox clients with no existing ledger software or clients who don't have any comparative balances to migrate. If you have data to migrate from MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger, check out Migrate to the ledger (MYOB Ledger)

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have added the client in your MYOB AE/AO database.
  • Choose a chart of accounts template for your ledger. We've provided a standard chart for each entity type and each MYOB legacy product. These are in the form of a .CSV file located in the following subfolders of the Client Accounting Templates folder:
    • Practice Charts: Where you store your practice's custom chart of accounts templates in .CSV format.

    • MYOB Standard Charts: Contains the predefined chart of accounts for the MAS, Accounts and AO Classic General Ledger products and entity types.

Customising or creating charts of accounts

Optionally, you can create customised charts of accounts instead of using MYOB defaults. Using the files in the MYOB Standard Charts folder, you can either alter a chart based on an MYOB template, or start from scratch with a blank file. For example, you may want to remove accounts that are not applicable for your practice.

Don't alter the .CSV files you find in the MYOB Standard Charts folder. We recommend copying the .CSV template from the MYOB Standard Charts folder into the Practice Charts folder to prevent your changes from being overwritten when performing an MYOB update.
To customise or create a chart of accounts
  1. Go to the MYOB Standard Charts folder in your installation location. For example, C:\MYOBAE\AESQL\Client Accounting Templates\Myob Standard Charts.
  2. To alter a chart of accounts based on a template, copy a .CSV template.
  3. To create a chart of accounts from scratch, copy Chart_Template.csv.
  4. Go to the Practice Charts folder and paste the copied template.
  5. Open the CSV file to populate the chart as needed.

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