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Linking a Document Manager document to a period

If you have Document Manager, you can link a Document Manager document to a period. This is good for documents that don't relate to a specific account.


To link a Document Manager document to a period
  1. Go to the client’s Client Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab and click a period in the Select Period section. See Opening an existing period.
  2. On the TASKS bar, click Open Period. The table for the period appears.
  3. Click the Non-account specific documents checkbox.
  4. On the TASKS bar, click Link document. The Search for a document window appears.

    See also searching tips below this procedure.

  5. Select the documents to link and click OK. The Link Document window appears.
  6. Leave the Account field blank.
  7. Make sure that the correct document name is displayed in Document Name.
  8. To include the document in the next rollover period, click the Rollover this document to the next period checkbox. During rollover, the previous workpaper period is used as a base, and the link to the document is recreated and included on the same account in the next period.
  9. Click Link. The document is linked to the period, displayed below Non-account specific documents in the table, and identified by a paperclip
Search for a document: tips
  • Enter criteria into the Search Criteria fields to refine the search. Searches can be based on:
    • Title and Author—enter the title of the document on the Title field and / or select the author on the Author drop-down.
    • Reference no—select the Reference no option and enter the document reference number on the text field.
    • Display related entity documents—displays all the documents for any of the clients/contacts listed on the Associated tab for the current contact/client and for the parent, children and siblings from the Billing Group tab. If this option is selected all the documents for clients/contacts in the same family group as the currently selected client/contact are displayed.
    To display all documents for the selected client leave the search criteria blank and click Search.
    Documents that match the search criteria are displayed in the table. The total number of documents returned by the search is displayed at the top of the table.
  • To sort or filter the search results:
    • Click any column heading to sort the results alphabetically or numerically.
    • Use the first row in the table to filter the search results. In any of the Reference No, Client, Document Title and Author fields click the drop-down and select the value to filter on from the drop-down.
      The criteria on which to filter the search results can also be entered. Enter the value you wish to use as a filter into any of the Reference No, Client, Document Title or Author fields and press [Enter].
      Use wildcards for advanced filtering. For example, to filter the results to view only those documents starting with C, enter C and an asterisk (*) into the Document Title field and press [Enter].
      Clear search filter
      to clear the search filter.



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