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Opening external files

If Document Manager is not installed, external files can be linked to the workpaper period. When an external file is linked to an account or period, a link is created between the account and the document which is stored on your system.

All source documents have an associated cover page. When opening external files, access the cover page first and then open the file. The external file, which is stored on your system, is opened in the associated application. See Using the source document cover page.

Workpapers is not a document management system. When an external file is attached to an account, a copy of the linked document is not archived. If the document is moved or deleted from your system, it will not be available in Workpapers.

How to open an external file
  1. Open the workpapers period. See Opening an existing period. The Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table is displayed.
  2. If the external file is linked to an account, find the account in the table. Click 
    to expand the account and view the documents.
    If the document is linked to the period, click 
    to expand Non-account specific documents and view the documents.
  3. Double-click the linked external file. The cover page for the external file opens in a new window.
  4. Click the Open button. This is located on the Document details section. The external file opens in the associated application.
  5. If changes have been made to the external file, ensure that the changes are saved prior to closing the file.
  6. Close the external file. You are returned to the cover page for the Document Manager file. See Using the source document cover page.
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