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Paragraphs in the Report Preview window

Paragraphs can be viewed and edited from the Report Preview window.

At a practice level, the Preview Reports option is used to check the default report settings that have been configured for each entity type. From the Report Preview window, the practice paragraphs can be viewed and edited. See Selecting default practice reports.

At a client level, the Preview Reports option is used to check the client’s reports before printing, exporting or emailing the financial statements. From the Report Preview window, the client paragraphs can be viewed and edited. See Previewing financial statements.

To access the practice Report Preview window
  1. Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Client Accounting > Practice Report Settings. The Practice Report Settings page opens.
  2. Select the Entity Type from the drop-down.
  3. Click Preview Reports. The Select Sample Client window opens.
  4. Click the ellipse button to search and select a sample client.
    The selected client’s data will be used to populate the preview report.

    A warning is displayed if the selected client does not have a financial data source configured. A financial data source must be configured for the selected client.

  5. Click OK. The Report Preview window opens. The default report settings for the selected entity type are used to produce the report.
To access the client Report Preview window
  1. Search and select a client.

  2. Open the client’s Client Accounting > Reports tab.

  3. Select the financial period for the report on the Period drop-down.

  4. Click Preview Reports. The Report Preview window opens.

A warning is displayed if there are unallocated accounts, accounts which have not been allocated to an account group, or duplicated accounts, accounts which have been added to more than one account group. Click Yes to edit the account groups. See Configuring account groups. Click No to continue and preview the financial statements. Depending on your level of access you may not be able to preview the report.

To view and edit the paragraphs
  1. In the Report Preview window, place the cursor over a paragraph. The pointer changes to
  2. Click the paragraph. The Edit Paragraph Content window opens.
  3. Edit the paragraph content in the Paragraph Content text area, as required. See Editing paragraphs.
  4. Click OK to save the changes or click Cancel to close the window.

If changes have been made, the financial statements will be regenerated. The Report Preview window closes and reopens showing the financial statements with the changes applied.

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