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Using Client Accounting with MYOB ledger

What's MYOB Ledger?

MYOB Ledger is a simple, online ledger used to store your Client Accounting transaction data. With Client Accounting, you can combine all your current general ledger software into a single workflow.

With an MYOB Ledger you can use the full suite of modules and tools that Client Accounting offers.

It's perfect for when your client doesn’t need to get involved in the data entry.

Move your data

If you have an existing MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger for your client, you can move up to 4 years of data across to MYOB ledger.

If you don't have an existing ledger, you can also create a brand new MYOB ledger.

If your client uses a third-party bookkeeping software or AccountEdge, you can still use Client Accounting with MYOB Ledger by importing their transactions and chart of accounts into MYOB ledger.

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