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Notifying ASIC of share issues

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 15 April 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 15 April 2024. Learn what this means for you

The Notify issue of shares wizard is used to inform ASIC that a corporation has issued one or more of its shares.

The ASIC form 484C that is produced, automatically includes all share issues and all share allotments for the selected class and date. Ensure that you have added all the required share issues and allotments for the class and date before you generate the form to notify ASIC.

Before using this wizard, you must have already issued shares (see Adding share issues).

To notify ASIC of the issue of shares
  1. If you have not done so already, enter the details of shares that have been issued (see Adding share issues).
  2. Select and open the corporation. See Selecting a corporation. The corporation opens at the Details tab.
  3. Click the Capital tab (see Capital).
  4. Select the share issue to be notified to ASIC.
  5. Click Notify issue of shares on the Task Bar. The Notify Issue of Shares wizard opens.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Confirm the share issue details. If they are correct, click Next. The Select the documents you wish to produce screen opens. If not correct, click Cancel and click Change share issue to correct the share issue details.
  8. Select the documents you want to generate from the list.
  9. Select the Signing officer from the list.
  10. Enter the Date signed (dd/mm/yyyy) or select the date from the calendar. If relevant, indicate if this form is being generated In response to a company statement (as required for Form 484C).
  11. Click Next. Enter the details of the directors’ meeting held.
  12. Click Next. The Finish screen opens.
  13. Select the documents you want to preview.
  14. Click Finish. If you selected to preview documents in the previous screen, they display on the Print preview screen (see Previewing forms and documents). If you did not select to preview documents, the ASIC Form Validation screen opens (see ASIC forms validation).
  15. Complete and lodge the form with ASIC (see ASIC forms in progress and Forms lodgement).
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