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Opening and editing items

An existing item can be opened from MYOB Intranet Administration in a number of ways:

  • Double-click the item in the Administration Item View.

  • Right-click the item and select Open Document.

  • Select the item and then Edit > Open Document.

This opens the item in the application in which it was originally created (e.g., Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel).

We've prepared a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration on the following topics – click the links to learn more:

You'll need audio enabled to hear the walkthrough narration
Editing an opened item

If an item has been added to MYOB Intranet as read only (see Document properties) changes cannot be made or saved to the item.

The application's Save As function must be used to save the item to a new location and with a new file name. The item is then added to MYOB Intranet as a new item (see New items).

To make changes to a standard or stationery document, a new version of the document must be created.

Adding a new version of an item

 To change a document or other items already held in MYOB Intranet, use the Version function of Document Properties. See New Version under Maintaining multiple versions of items.

Editing Stationery

 We've prepared a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration to show you how to edit stationery. Click the link to learn more

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