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Adding an additional group to a report

Accountants Enterprise only

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise, you may want to change the way a report is grouped. For example, it's currently grouped by Partner and you would like it to be grouped by Partner and then by Manager.

To achieve this, you will need to edit the report layout to change the grouping from the Edit Layout (Designer).

The attached document (AE Reports Additional Formatting Guide.pdf) provides a range of information to help you with more complex report design and editing.

Please refer to pages 12 and 13 for a step by step example of how to add a report grouping. In the example the report is changed to grouping by Partner to grouping by Partner and then Manager.

To learn more about creating and editing reports, Creating reports provides links to the Online Learning currently available.

Should you require further assistance with customising reports, please contact your Client Manager.
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