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Adding jobs (AO)

Accountants Office with Practice Manager only

Jobs for tracking workflow in the practice are added using the Add Job wizard. There are several ways to open the Add Job wizard.

To open the Add Job wizard from the Client page > Job tab
  1. In the toolbar, click Contacts. The Find Clients page appears.
  2. In the Search for field, type the client name or code and click Search. The client record appears.
  3. Double-click on the client name to open the record. The client tab appears.
  4. Click the Job tab. The Job tab opens.
  5. In the first row of the table, click Click here to add a new .... The Create Job for Client page opens.
To add a job to an existing job type on the Client page > Jobs tab
  1. Right-click an existing Job Type and select Add Job. The Add Job wizard opens.
To open the Add Job wizard from the Job Manager
  1. In the toolbar, click Jobs. The Job Manager tab opens.
  2. In the first row of the table, click Click here to add a new job. The Add Job wizard opens.
  3. Select the client you want to add the job to.
To use the Add Job wizard

The Add Job wizard opens at the Create Job for Client page.

  1. Select the Year and tick the relevant Job Type.
    MYOB AO adds a step to the wizard so you can enter information for the job.
  2. Select Next and enter the details for the job.
  3. Edit the job year to include a description if required, but it is important to keep the year as well, for example, 2017BASQ1 (Australia) or 2017GSTQ1 (New Zealand).
  4. Update the Assigned to, Budget and Target fields, if known.
    It is not mandatory to enter this information now. You can edit it at a later time.
  5. Select Finish to create the job and exit the wizard.

    You can select more than one Job Type on the Create Job for Client. MYOB AO will add a step for each selected Job Type. Continue to click Next to enter all relevant job details before clicking Finish.

If you need to create a new job type template, refer to Setting up Job Type Templates

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