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Adding phone and other details

To add phone and other details for a client, contact or supplier
  1. Find and open the client, contact, or supplier (AE).
  2. Click the Addresses tab. The existing address information for this client, contact or supplier is listed.
  3. Click the first blank line in the Description column of the Phone and Other Details section.
  4. Select the required type from the drop-down (e.g., Mobile, Email).

    (AO) These types are configured by your system administrator in Maintenance > Address/Phone > Phone number and Email address… 
    See Phone number and email address.

  5. Enter the number or web/email address in the Detail column.

    (AO) Phone numbers/email addresses marked as Primary are displayed on the Main tab.

  6. Click the checkbox in the Primary column if you have several phone numbers of this type (e.g., Business1, Business2) and you want this one to be the main phone number.
  7. Press [Enter].
  8. Repeat from Step 3. to add more phone numbers or other details.
  9. Click OK. To save the entered information and close the tab.
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