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Field area

The reports page includes a basic field area which is composed of columns and rows. These field areas allow you to control the data included in your report and apply filters to your data and sort your data for example.

You can access the field area from the Report Report Settings tab.


To access the field areas:
  1. In the toolbar, click the Reports
  2. Select one of the reporting area categories or sub-areas from the Tasks bar.
  3. Click New to create a new report or click Edit to edit an existing report.
  4. In a new report, once you have added your fields, click the Run Report Settings tab.

    When you edit a saved report, it automatically opens with the Run Report Settings tab.

    The fields you include in your report are added to column A. After adding your fields, to sort, prompt or filter your data, click into the relevant column (B, C or D) and make your selection.







    The name of the field in the rows below.



    Data can be Sorting by any field within a report. Alphabetic fields are sorted A to Z, numeric fields are sorted in ascending order.



    You can design the report such that when someone runs the report they are prompted to specify which data values to include in the report.



    A report can have Filters included in the design. Filters can limit the report’s contents to particular data values. A maximum of five data values can be specified using the Or columns.

  5. In the field listing, select the checkbox beside each of the fields that you want to update and make your changes.

  6. Click OK. The Save Report Layout window opens.

  7. Select Save as new report and type or edit the suggested Title if necessary.

  8. Click OK to save the design and close the New / Change Report page.


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