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Group headers

Accountants Enterprise only

A group header is the feature that inserts headings for any or all groups within a report. That is, if you choose to group data by the office name, the group header can display each office name as a header above that data as it appears in the report. The group header is displayed in a report whenever the group header value changes.

When you add a field to the Group bar in the Change Report page, Reports automatically creates a group header, with the data field attached to it.

By default, the group header is titled (for example, 'ghClientOffice'). It also inserts the Client Office field in the header area and attaches a text label that identifies it as Client Office.

When you add data to the report, the name of the client office is displayed before each set of data for that office.

You can make any changes to the properties of the group header in the Report Designer window. For example, you could bold the heading or reposition it if the default does not suit your purposes. It is often easier to add grouping fields in the Change Report window and then adjust them as necessary in the Report Designer window.

To edit a group header
  1. Open the Reports Designer page for the group header you want to edit. See Opening reports for advanced formatting or editing.

  2. Place the cursor over the right side of the text box in the group header area. The cursor changes to a double ended arrow.

  3. Drag the sizing handle to the full width of the page.

    The group header does not contain any other information in your report, so by maximising its size, you can minimise the text wrapping.

  4. In the Property  area, in the BackColor field, select a background colour from the drop-down.

    You will often need to resize the Property area to view the drop-down or the ellipse button. Click the left border of the Property area (the cursor changes to a double sided arrow) and then drag the border to the size you want.

  5. Save your report layout.
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