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Milestone due dates

Practice Manager only

You can add due dates to a milestone by either:

  • entering the due date information for the relevant milestone.

  • using the default due dates functionality to do a bulk update.

Due dates are replaced with the current date when you mark a milestone as Complete. You can click the Complete date and change it if necessary.

Adding due dates or marking a milestone as Complete with the correct date enables you to use calculated columns to calculate the days between two milestones. See Adding calculated columns for KPIs on the Job Sheet homepage.

Due Dates

To set up a due date for a milestone, click the milestone field and either enter the date or use the drop-down calendar to select the relevant due date. This can only be done in Non-icon mode.

Default Due Dates

When setting up default due dates, remember that you can overwrite the default due date with any date by clicking the default due date and entering the correct information.

The Default Due Date is only relevant to the (AE) Job Manager homepage / (AO) Job Sheet and only for the user currently logged in. If a different user logs in, they will not be able to see that Default Due Date.

When saving a Default Due Date, you must ensure that you are in Customise Homepage mode.

Filter the appropriate jobs before setting up a default due date as the system will set the due date for all jobs within the filter criteria. See Sorting, grouping and filtering jobs or schedules.

To create a default due date
  1. Right-click the relevant milestone heading and select Default due dates. The Default due dates window opens.

  2. Enter the formula to be used for calculating the default due dates. For example, enter the Target Date -6m which means the target date is calculated for the milestone minus six months.

  3. Select the date field that the calculation is based on and then enter the field name in words (e.g., Target Date).

  4. Enter the calculation required, using:

    • + for addition
    • for subtraction
    • / for division
    • for multiplication
  5. Enter the time scale required, using:
    • d or days to use days
    • w or weeks to use weeks 
    • m or months to use months

      Changing the status of a milestone to In Progress, Risk or Problem does not change the due date supplied. The due date is only changed when the status is set to Complete. The due date will be overwritten by the completion date.

  6. Click OK.

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