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Reassigning a job

You may need to re-assign a job when an employee has left the practice and there are still jobs in progress.

To change the Assigned To person on an individual job


  1. Open the Job Sheet homepage by clicking the Jobs icon.
  2. Double-click the job to be edited in the Year column (AO) or Job/Schedule column (AE). The Edit Job window (AO) or the Edit Job/Schedule window (AE) opens.
  3. Click the Ellipsis button [...] in the Assigned To field. The Find Employees window opens.
  4. Search for the employee who you are assigning the job to and click OK once they are highlighted.
  5. Click OK. Your changes are saved, and the window closes.


To filter and bulk update the Assigned To column

It's recommended that you take a backup of your database before doing a bulk update in Job Manager.

  1. From the Job Sheet homepage, select the jobs you want to assign to the employee. This can be done by Sorting, grouping and filtering jobs or schedules.
  2. Right-click on the Assigned To column heading and click Assign Employee for all Jobs. The Assign Employee for all listed Jobs window opens.
  3. If you select the Assign Employee option:
    1. Click the ellipse button to find and select the employee using the Find Employees window.
    2. Click OK. The Assigned To column is automatically updated with the selected employee’s details.



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