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Rolling forward jobs

Practice Manager only

You can roll forward your jobs in bulk to help with forward planning and also save time. This can assist the management of (NZ) monthly reporting, (NZ) GST Returns and (AU) quarterly BAS.

The routine creates a new job for each (AE) client/assignment or (AO) client/job in the selected filter.

When completed:

  • All jobs, whether they are complete or not, rolled forward if selected in the filter criteria

  • Each job has the same new job name allocated.

  • Each new job has its Target Date incremented by the selected period.

  • The milestones on the new jobs are empty.

  • The assigned employee is either kept or removed.

  • The time budget is either kept or removed.

  • Notes against the job are either kept or removed.

The following jobs/schedules will not roll forward: Jobs attached to closed clients, jobs attached to held or closed assignments (AE) and schedules linked to milestones (AE).

To roll forward jobs
  1. In AE/AO, in the toolbar, select Jobs (AE/AO) or select your custom Job Sheet homepage (AE).

  2. Select the jobs you want to roll forward. This can be done by Sorting, grouping and filtering jobs or schedules.

    To include completed jobs, right click on the jobs grid and select Include Completed Jobs.

    If the list includes jobs that have the same client and (AE) assignment / (AO) job, only the job with the latest Target Date rolls forward; the other jobs are ignored. Only one job can be created for each client/assignment or client/job per roll over.

  3. Right-click on the list of jobs and select Roll Forward Jobs. Step 1 of the Job/Schedule Roll Forward Wizard appears. The Filter section informs you of the number of jobs included with the filter selection.
  4. If you're using:
    • AE: Enter the name for the new jobs in the Name for jobs field. This is a mandatory field.
    • AO: Select the Job Year from the drop-down.

  5. Enter the number of Weeks or Months you would like the original Target Date to increment by. This is a mandatory field.

    When incrementing jobs by months, jobs that have a target date that falls on the last day of the month will roll forward to the last day of the relevant month.

  6. Review the information in the Assigned To, Budget and/or Notes fields. Specify if it's kept or removed in the new jobs.

  7. Click Next. Step 2 of the Job Roll Forward Wizard opens.

  8. Review the details of the roll forward and click Finish or click Back to change the roll forward options. A confirmation displays after clicking Finish.

    If jobs already exist with the same name, the message “Jobs with the selected name already exist for the assignments and cannot be created by the Roll Forward Wizard” appears. You can either:

    • Click Yes and continue with the roll forward; jobs with duplicate names will not roll forward, or
    • Click No, to return to Step 1 of the Job Roll Forward Wizard, or

    • Select the Excel button to export the list of affected jobs to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can use this export as a reference if you choose to change the job name.

You now need to update the filter to view the new jobs.
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