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Unlinking shared addresses

You may have linked addresses with other clients, contacts or (AE) suppliers. To change a linked address the client/contact/(AE) supplier, you need to unlink the address.

How does unlinking addresses work?

Unlinking an address removes the address from the client/contact/(AE) supplier only in the Addresses tab. If the address has other links, it won't be deleted from your system, and the address will still be linked to all other clients/contacts/(AE) suppliers who were linked to it.

However, in AE, if you unlink the address and it has no other links, deleting the address deletes the address from the database.

To unlink a shared address from a client/contact/(AE) supplier
  1. Open the Maintain Contact Addresses window. See Opening the Maintain Contact Addresses window  .

    The amount of contacts sharing the address is displayed above the address details. You can display the code and name of each user and the address types being used. See Viewing all who share an address.

  2. In the Address table, select the shared address to be unlinked.
  3. Click Unlink Address. An Unlink Address message appears.
  4. Click Yes. The address is unlinked and, (AE) if there are no other links, the address is deleted from the database.

    If there are other links, including different address types for this contact, only this selected link is unlinked.

  5. Click Close when finished.
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