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Updating report headers

Accountants Enterprise only

To update a report header
  1. Open the Reports Designer page. See Opening reports for advanced formatting or editing.
  2. Use the horizontal scroll bar to locate what you want to update.
  3. Click the logo and press [Delete] to remove it.
  4. Click Picture in the Toolbox to select it.
  5. Move your cursor anywhere into the work area of the report header and use click and drag to create a picture box.

    The size of the picture box can be adjusted at any time. Aim for about 5cm wide and I cm high or adjust it later

  6. Expand the Properties area so that you can see all the properties of the picture box you just inserted.

  7. In the Properties area, click in the Image field and click the ellipse button to browse for a picture.

  8. Locate an image file on your system.

    We recommend the following file types for logos and images:


  9. Select the image and click Open.The image displays in the Report Header area.

    The size of the picture box dictates the size of the image; you cannot resize an image within Reports. This means that you must edit and resize an image outside of Reports if adjustments are required.

  10. In the Properties area, expand the Location property to reveal the X and Y coordinates of the image‚Äôs top left hand corner and edit the values accordingly.

  11. Select an item then the required placement for it using the Alignment option in the Properties  area. Hold down the [Shift] key while you select items to align all selected items at once.

    When aligning items, the last selected item dictates the location of the aligned items. There are a number of alignment tools; while their use is optional, careful alignment produces a more professional looking report.

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