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Viewing WIP status

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Before raising a bill for a client you can review the status of their WIP. You can do this in a number of ways and from a number of places:

  • If you have the Practice or Partner homepage view, you can list your Top Ten WIP clients on your homepage and click any client in the list to go to that client’s Home tab. From there you can view their WIP.

  • The Assignments tab on the client page provides a basic WIP summary for each assignment and access to financial information relating to the assignments, including unposted and unbilled WIP amounts. You can click an assignment in the list to access detailed WIP information, history and billing potential. Prebilling Report options on the TASKS bar enable you to generate a number of reports.

  • On the client page, click the WIP enquiry option on the TASKS bar. This provides a detailed list of the outstanding unbilled WIP entries for the client. You can group and sort the entries. See Organising your data. Click the Print icon on the TASKS bar to print the WIP entries.

  • Select an assignment from the Assignments tab on the client page to open the WIP tab on the Assignment Details page and view a breakdown of the WIP amount for the selected assignment.

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