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MYOB AE/AO release notes—2024.0 (New Zealand)

Release date—March 2024

Client Accounting

MYOB Essentials to MYOB Business ledger configuration update

From April 2024, we will stop supporting MYOB Essentials. All customers using MYOB Essentials have now been migrated to MYOB Business.

Any client configured with MYOB Essentials in Client accounting will show an error after April 2024. To avoid this error, update your MYOB AE/AO to 5.4.50. During the installation, any clients using MYOB Essentials will have their configuration updated to MYOB Business. Learn more.

Statutory Reporter

New features
  • Specified text

    You can edit descriptions of headings, sub-totals and totals, even if they’re blank. You can also edit summarised line items.
    You can’t edit descriptions for:

    • the details of an account range (for example, all items in the Expenses folder).

    • details by header account, a setting managed by the Account Type Group in Manage Accounts.

    If you see the Edit Paragraph Content window when editing the total description, ensure you select Total description as Heading description is selected by default.

    Edit Paragraph Content window with Heading description and Total description options highlighted.png
  • Term loans / Finance Leases schedule

    • A new schedule for term loans and finance leases prints after the Notes to the financial statements.

      The schedule prints if there are account balances in the range you entered for term loans and finance leases. If you don’t want it to print, deselect the report.

    • There’s a new Term Loans and Finance Leases chart map folder under Other financial accounts. The folder can hold up to 9 loans. You must apply the account code ranges under each loan into the relevant
      subfolders at the practice or client level.
      You won’t get the message "This range includes one or more accounts that have already been allocated to another account group".

  • For the trust entity type, the Business Directory includes the option to add the names of the beneficiaries. You can complete this in Non-transaction data.

Updates and fixes


Profit and Loss Statement

  • For the Partnership entity type, the Net profit (loss) distributed to: is removed when there's no profit.

Account policy notes

  • The default is No for the Non-transaction data option for Accounting policy - special purpose framework > Use SPFR for FPEs.

Statutory reporter

  • The footer includes the word accounting.

Notes to the financial statements

  • We corrected an error in the Cash and cash equivalents note when using a single active bank account with a CR balance PY and a DR balance TY.

  • We made some changes to address subtotals being ignored in the Associated loans note when the swinging accounts are set to swing by the header account. There are new master chart mappings under Other financial accounts > Associated loans. The relevant code ranges are allocated to this new folder. The Associated loans note will use the account ranges from this mapping.

If you're not using the MYOB chart of accounts, you must override the account ranges.


  • In the Profit or loss statement, there was an error on departmental reports as well as the summarised Income Statement when the NTD option Print depreciation after 'net profit before depreciation. This has now been fixed.

  • We’ve made an enhancement where you’ll be able to duplicate account groups only to the Other Financial Accounts folder and its sub-folders.

  • In MYOB AO, if your AO Classic settings is not integrated, you’ll still be able to launch AO Classic when clicking AO Classic GL from the client page, Main tab > Tasks bar on the left.

Upcoming changes for SQL 2014

Microsoft is ending support to SQL 2014 on July 9th. To upgrade your SQL version, we will be releasing a tool in the future AE/AO updates. As a pre-requisite to run the tool, make sure you’ve installed version 5.4.50.

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