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About the Formats tab

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Formats are displayed on the Formats tab on the Report Designer window. They are created and edited in the Format Editor window.

From the Formats tab you can:

  • Create new formats

  • Edit existing formats

  • Delete formats

  • Preview (and from there, print) reports.

There are two work areas in the Formats tab being the left-hand Explorer pane and the right-hand Design pane.

When inserting Chart Map items and Database Map items into Formats, you can simply click on either the Chart Map tab or Database Map tab while the Format Editor window is open, then drag the required item from the Explorer pane and drop it into a cell in the Format Editor window.

Right-click formats menu

In addition to the toolbars, there is a right–click menu available in the Explorer pane.





This is standard Windows copy functionality. You can copy and paste between formats and also between different ledgers.

Copy to Client / Practice

Use this menu item to save the currently selected Format to the level at which you opened Report Designer (i.e., Client or Practice).

This menu option will read Copy to Client if you opened Report Designer at the Client level, allowing you to save a Practice level or Master level item at the Client level.

If you opened Report Designer at the Practice level it will read Copy to Practice, allowing you to save a Master level item at the Practice level.

The new level version of the Format will conceal the higher level version until such a time that the lower level version is renamed or deleted.

Copy to Clipboard

This option allows you to copy Formats to the clipboard and paste them into Word. This enables you to view the properties of all the Formats without having to open each Format's Properties window.


This is standard Windows cut functionality. This option is only available if the selected Format can be moved at the current level (i.e., Master Formats cannot be cut at the Practice or Client level).


This is standard Windows paste functionality. When you paste a Format it will be pasted to the current level (i.e., Practice or Client). You can copy and paste between formats and also between different ledgers.


Select this option to access the Format Properties window where you can add, view or edit the notes that have been added to the selected item. To add or edit notes simply type into the Description field and then click the Apply button to save your entry. If Report Designer is not open at the required hierarchy level to edit the properties, then the window will open as read–only.


This option is used to rename the selected Format.

Save As

Use this menu item to create a copy of the currently selected Format. The copy will be saved to the level at which Reporter is currently open, that is, Practice or Client. You can then edit the name as required.

View Dependencies

This option enables you to see which reports use a particular format.

View Master / Practice

Select this option to view the matching Master or Practice level Format for the currently selected one. The Practice level Format or Master level Format window will be opened, with the tree displayed to show the location of the Master or Practice level item. If Report Designer is open at the Practice level, this option will display View Master. If Report Designer is open at the Client level, both options will be displayed.

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