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Applying column templates to formats

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

You can only apply one column template to a format.

When you apply a column template to a format, a tag is applied to the top of a column. This allows the existing cell contents to be visible and it also alters the appearance of the column. You are able to move the mouse over the label to view the associated tool tip.

In regard to merged cells and column templates, a restriction needs to be applied. The merge must be entirely outside of a column template (i.e., to the left or the right) or entirely within the column template range.

When a range is selected across template and non-template columns, the merge cells option on the alignment tab of the format cells window is disabled.

A test configuration drop-down list appears on the toolbar, which allows you to test the design of your column template against saved column template configurations. The default selection is <use format definition>. This selection uses the defaults specified during format design for each individual format.

To apply a column template to a Format within Report Designer (on the Formats tab)
  1. In the Explorer pane, double click the Format that you want to apply the column template to.

  2. In the Format Editor, right-click the column header of the column that you want to apply the template to.

  3. Select Apply Column Template. The Apply Column Template window opens.

  4. From the Column Template Name drop-down list, select the Column Template.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Click Close.

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