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Controlling page breaks

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Within the Report Element Properties window you can define settings to control the page breaks within your reports. The Page Break tab is where you apply the settings for whether a Body Format or Group begins on a new page.

You can set conditions as to when a page break occurs. The options are:

AlwaysSelect this option to have a group or Format always start on a new page.
NeverSelect this option to have a group or Format simply follow on from the preceding format, with no page break. This is the default setting.
Condition below evaluates to TRUEEnter a condition in this field if you want a group or Format to start on a new page in a specific circumstances. For example, if you used the formula =DB.#EntityDetails.ClientDetails.EntityType="Reporting", and it is true for the selected report element, then the auditors report for a reporting entity will start on a new page.
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