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Report element properties

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Report Element Properties window is accessed from the Properties button on the Report Editor window. It consists of four tabs from where you can define the following for the Groups and formats included in a report.

The Elements tab contains the following:

Type of element

The types of elements are:

  • Report

  • Group

  • Header

  • Body

  • Footer

For Reports and Groups that contain Formats, this field cannot be changed.

For Formats (Body, Header and Footer) and Groups that do not contain any Formats, you can use this field to change the element type, if required. When you change the type of element, you may also need to type in or select a different name in the Element name field.

Element nameIf you have selected either a Report or a Group, you can use this field to rename it. When Body, Header or Footer is selected in the Type of element field, this field becomes a drop-down listing the Format names.
You can replace the existing Format by selecting a Format from the drop-down list.
By typing the first letter of the desired Element name you will go directly to that section of the alphabetically ordered list.
FontChoose a different font to be used for the report, if required.
Default column templateYou can set the default column template for a report. The value selected here changes the default behaviour for the report when used in the Generator. The default selection is <use format definition> which uses the default column template specified in any format that uses column templates.
The same format can be used in the same or different reports with a different column template. This is achieved by applying a non default column template (e.g., 5 Year Trend) to the same format.
The default column template properties can be changed at the individual Format level or at the Group or Report level.
Format column templateThis displays the name of the default column template, i.e., the column template that was applied to the format when the format was setup. Therefore, if you change the default, you know what it was.
The default column template is also available for groups, sections, body items, headers and footers.
ConditionThis is a criteria that must be met for a Group or Format to be included in a report. An element will automatically be included in the report if no condition is set.
See Setting conditions for the elements.
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