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Creating a reference to account information

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

References to account information within Formats are created using links to Chart Map folders.

The easiest way to reference a Chart Map item from within a Format is to drag and drop the folder that contains the required account range from the Chart Map tab tree list into the Format Editor window.

Dragging a Chart Map field into a format

When you drag a Chart Map folder into a cell in the Format Editor window, the folder name is prefixed with an =CM. For example, =CM.Notes.LandResale.Interest.

Dragging a Chart Map folder into a cell where there is already a Chart Map folder will append the existing folder name with a ‘+’ and the newly added folder will be added to the end, providing a total for the account ranges referenced.

Entering a formula

You can type a Chart Map reference directly into a cell by entering an equals ‘=’ sign followed by the path to the Chart Map folder. For example, =CM.BalanceSheet.

However, if a row is set to repeat for a Chart Map folder, to obtain individual account balances (rather than the folder total), you will need to use =AMOUNT, not =CM folder path.

To obtain the description of the individual accounts, use =DESCRIPTION. Other variables you can use within repeating rows are:

  • =CODE





  • =LEVEL.

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