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Creating a reference to non-transactional client information

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

References to non-transactional data within Formats are created using links to Database Map items.

The easiest way to reference a Database Map item from within a Format is to drag and drop the required table or field from the Database Map tab tree list into the Format Editor window.

Drag a Database Map field into a format

When you drag a Database Map field into a cell in the Format Editor window, the table name is prefixed with an =DB. For example, =DB.Miscellaneous.CurrencySymbol.

Dragging a Database Map item into a cell where there is already a Database Map item will append the existing item with a ‘+’ (or ‘&" "&’ depending on the item type) and then the newly added Database Map item, providing a total for the items referenced.

Entering a conditional formula using a Database Map item

Since printing is dependent on the print condition being true, it is important to avoid any contradicting conditions in a formula. Conditional formulas using Database Map items must be entered using the following formula syntax:


It is crucial to enter the correct spelling for the TableName and FieldName components of the formula. Where the spelling of these items is incorrect, the condition will always fail and the element will never be included in the printout.

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