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Creating new formats

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

If there are no existing Formats on which you can base the new one you require, you will need to create your Format from scratch. You do this from the Formats tab in the Report Designer window.

To create a new format
  1. Open the Report Designer from your General Ledger software.

    To create a Format for...Follow the menu path...
    One client only (MAS & AE Accounts)Reports > Reporter > Design Client reports.
    Practice-wide use (MAS)Reports > Reporter > Design Practice reports.
    Practice-wide use (AE Accounts)From within Configuration or Compliance Management, follow the menu path Configure > Accounts > ReportDesigner
  2. Select the Formats tab.

  3. On the toolbar of the Formats tab, click the New Format button

    . Alternatively, from the File menu, click New. The Format Editor window opens and a default name for the Format is displayed in the title bar.

    You will be prompted to change the name of the Format when you Save.
  4. Define the contents of the Format by using one or a combination of the following:

    • Adding Chart Map items by dragging and dropping from the Chart Map tab.

    • Adding Database Map items by dragging and dropping from the Database Map tab.

    • Entering text into cells.

    • Entering functions into cells.

    • Applying styles or formatting to the Format contents.

  5. When all the required content has been defined, use the Preview button

     to check what the contents will look like.

  6. Click the Save

    button or alternatively, select File > Save from the menu to save your changes. A window will be displayed where you can enter a name for the new Format.

  7. Enter the new name.

  8. Click OK. Once saved, the new Format appears in the list of Formats in the Explorer pane.

To create a new format based on an existing one

If you want to create a new Format which is substantially similar to an existing one, but you want to retain the existing Format, the easiest way is to use the existing Format as the basis for the new one.

When creating Formats based on higher level Formats than the one that you opened in Report Designer, the new Format is automatically saved to the current (Practice or Client) level. This new Format replaces the higher level one until such time as the new Format is renamed or deleted, then the higher level Format is reinstated.

If you want to base the new Format on an existing one which is at the same level as the one that you opened in Report Designer (e.g., you want to use a Practice level Format to create another Practice level Format) you will need to create a copy of the existing Format using the Save As function on the right–click menu.

There are three methods for creating a Format based on another Format:

  • Copy a Format from a higher level in the hierarchy to the level at which you are currently working. For example, you can save a Master Format to the Client level. Select the Format to base the new one on, then use the Copy to client or Copy to Practice options on the right–click menu in the Explorer pane.

  • Select the Format to base the new one on, then use the Save As option on the right–click menu in the Explorer pane. The new Format will be saved to the current level (Practice or Client).

  • Open a higher level Format so the Format Editor window is displayed, make your edits, then save the Format. It is automatically saved to the current level.

If you create a Practice or Client version of a Master Format, the reports that use that Format will use the version you have created.

To insert items into Formats by dragging and dropping

When inserting Chart Map items and Database Map items into Formats, you can simply click on either the Chart Map tab or Database Map tab while the Format Editor window is open, then drag the required item from the Explorer list and drop it into a cell in the Format Editor window.

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