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Creating notes and cross-references

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

A note may be appended to the section to which it refers or appended to the report as a whole. Notes are numbered sequentially and the number that has been assigned to a note appears in the note and in the body of the Format it applies to (the result is similar to end notes in word processing applications). This allows someone reading a report to identify the note that applies to the section of the report they are reading.

A cross-reference is a direction to the reader of a report to consult another section of the report for related or additional information. The page number of the row referred to is provided.

Within Reporter you can create notes and cross-references using the bookmark feature.

A bookmark is a name that you apply to a row in a Format to identify that row for referencing purposes. You use bookmarks to create cross-references and note numbering. Creating a bookmark involves selecting a row and then applying a bookmark to that row. A bookmark can then be referenced from elsewhere in your Format, to provide a cross-reference to the page number on which the contents of the bookmarked row appear.

A bookmark name must be unique within a Format — you cannot have 2 bookmarks with the same name within the one Format.


 in a row label indicates that a bookmark has been set for that row.

Before you can add a note or cross–reference to a Format, the information you want to reference needs to have been bookmarked. For information on how to do this see Bookmarking cells in a format.

To create a note or cross-reference within a format
  1. Open the Format Editor window for the Format containing the cell you want to add a note or reference to.

  2. Click in the cell and enter one of the following conditions (indicated in bold):

    Within the cell, type in:
    =NOTE(<Bookmark name>) to add a Note reference. In this case a sequential number will be used to show the link between the cell and bookmarked row.
    =INOTE(<Bookmark name>)to add a note reference to be used for repeating rows.
    =REF(<Bookmark name>)to add a cross–reference. In this case a page number will be used to show the link between the cell and bookmarked row.
  3. Then click Save

    on the Format Editor toolbar to save your changes and apply the bookmark.

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