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Editing a Database Map item

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

If you edit a Database Map component that is at a higher level than that at which you are logged into Report Designer (e.g., you open Report Designer at the client level and edit a master or practice level component) then the changed component will be saved at the level you are working at. The icons will change to show the new level of the edited components.

To edit a Database Map component within Report Designer (on the Database Map tab)
  1. In the Explorer pane, select the table or folder that you want to edit.

  2. Double click the item, click the Edit Database Item toolbar button,

    Editing a Database Map


    Select Edit from the right-click menu.

    The Database Map Editor window opens showing the details for the selected item.

  3. To rename a table, overtype the existing name in the Table Name field.

  4. To rename a folder, overtype the existing name in the Folder Name field.

  5. To change the position of the item in the Database Map tree, use the Parent Folder list box to select the path and folder that you want the table or folder to reside under.

  6. To move the item to the highest level, with no parent folder, select <None> in this field.

  7. Edit the fields in a table as required. See Editing a field in a Database Map tablefor details.

  8. When all the changes have been made, click the Apply button to save them.

    If you change the Allow Multiple Records status of a table from multi record to single record, a warning message will be displayed.
    To retain all entered data records for the fields in the table, click No. You will be returned to the Database Map Editor window where the Allow Multiple Records checkbox is still selected.
    If you click Yes, each field in the table will be converted to a single record field. All fields in the table will be changed to only have one stored value. Only the value from the first record in the Design View of the Database Map Editor window will be retained for each field with multiple records. The other data records will be deleted.

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