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Editing a field in a Database Map table

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

If the fields that have been added to a table need to be changed, you can do this in the Database Map Editor window.

You can add a field to a table of any level (client, practice and master). Fields added will belong to the level at which they were added. For example, if you add a field at the client level, you will not see that field if you open Report Designer at the practice level, even if it was a practice level table you added it to.

To edit a field in a table within Report Designer (on the Database Map tab)
  1. Open the Database Map Editor window for the table you want to edit fields for.

  2. To add a new field, select the Add New Field button

    Editing a field in a Database Map table
    . The cursor will be placed in the Name field ready for you to start defining the new field. See Adding a field to a Database Map table.

  3. If you want to delete a field from the table:

    1. Select the field in the Table Definition area of the window

    2. Click the Delete button

      Deleting an item from the Database Map
      . A message will be displayed asking you to confirm your actions.

    3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

      If there is only one field in a table the Delete button will be disabled.

  4. If you want to edit a field:

    1. Select it in the Table Definition area of the window or double click it in the tree list in the Explorer pane.

    2. Make the changes required to the Name, Type, Description and Default settings.

    3. If you need to edit or define a list, click the List… button

      Editing a list for a data field
      . See Editing a list for a data field.

  5. If you are editing a multi record table, make sure at least one field is defined as a key by selecting the Key checkbox for the key field.

  6. Select the Retain Value checkbox for a field if you want the data entered for it to be retained during a roll forward.

  7. Click the Apply button as you finish editing each field. The edited field will be updated in the list in the Table Definition area of the window.





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