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Emailing a format from Preview view

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

To email a report from the Designing Reports - Format tab
  1. In the Designing Reports - Formats tab, select the Format you want to email.

  2. Click Preview.

  3. Click

    . The Email Report as an Attachment window opens.

    • In the Attachment Settings:

      1. Enter a File Name or simply keep the default name.

      2. Select a File Type from the drop-down list.

      3. Click the Options button.

    • To apply a password, compress or save the attachment, click Options:

      1. To protect the attachment with a password, select the Password protect the attachment option and enter a password and then re-type the password to confirm.

      2. To compress or zip the attachment, select the Compress the Attachment option .

      3. To save the report onto your computer before sending, select the Save the attachment option. If you wish to change the directory, click the ellipses button.

  4. Click Email. An Untitled email message opens with the report attached.

  5. Type or select the recipient's email address and if necessary type a message (as you normally would).

  6. Click Send.

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