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Inserting page breaks

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The page break option inserts a page break before the line it is used on. A page break can be created using the right-click menu in row headers.

Page breaks are only applied if the formula you enter into the Page Break Editor is TRUE.

To insert a page break within Report Designer (on the Formats tab)
  1. Open the Format Editor window for the Format that you want to insert page breaks.

  2. Click in the row label area (the grey left–hand column containing the row number) to select the row that you want to insert the page break.

  3. From the right–click menu, select Page Break. The Page Break Editor opens.

  4. Select the Insert Page Break checkbox.

  5. Enter a formula into Break when the following condition is true.

  6. Click OK.

The row for which you have created the page break has a


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