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Making changes to master formats

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Report Designer provides you with a number of Master level Formats. You can customise these to suit your practice requirements or the requirements of an individual client. There are, however, a few things you should be aware of before you start to customise these items.

Master level Formats can be used as the basis for creating new Formats. As you cannot save changes to Master Formats themselves, when you edit a Master Format and save the changes Report Designer automatically saves the Format to the level at which you opened Report Designer (Practice or Client).

When you edit and save a Master Format to the Practice or Client level, or use the Copy to Practice \ Client right–click menu option, the Master Format no longer displays in the Formats tab. It is replaced by the Practice or Client version. The Master version remains in the background and is reinstated if the Client and/or Practice versions are deleted or renamed. The Master Format displays when Report Designer is opened from client ledgers for which a Client version of the Format has not been created.

If you create a Practice version of a Format, it will be effective for all the client ledgers. The Master level version is not displayed in the list of Formats while a practice version of the same report exists.

If you do not want to hide the Master version of a Format, but need to make changes to it, use the Save As feature on the right–click menu of the Formats tab Explorer pane to rename the Format. It is automatically saved to the current level and the Master version will display in the list with the original name.

Be aware that if you create a Practice or Client copy of an item that is referenced by a Format, e.g., you change a referenced Master Chart Map item and save it at the Practice level, this does not cause the Format itself to become non-Master. A Format only becomes non-Master when it is saved to either the Practice or Client level.

If you are deleting a Client level Format where a Practice level version also exists, you will see the Practice version reinstated first. To get back to the Master Format you will also need to delete the Practice version.


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