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Margins in reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Standard margin settings are supplied with all the reports. You can override margin settings at the Report, Group and Format levels.

When you set the margins at the report level, they apply to every element contained within the report unless specifically overridden by settings on an individual Format or Group. For example, if a report contains two Groups (at the same level), and you use the default margin settings for the report but change the margin settings for Group1, the margins for the report would apply to Group2 also, and any elements under that Group, while the margins set for Group1 would override the margins set for the report and would apply to any elements under Group1.

Margins are defined in the Report Element Properties window. Here you can control whether the default margin settings that apply to the selected report element are to be overridden. Selecting the Override margin checkbox enables the value fields where you enter the margin settings you want to apply to the selected element.

You can define the measurement for the top, bottom, right and left margins.

If you want to return to the default settings at any time, select the element for which you want the default settings to apply and deselect the Override margins checkbox.

To change the margin settings for an element from within the Report Designer (on the Reports tab)
  1. Select the report in the Explorer pane tree list that you want to change the margins for.
  2. Click the Edit Report button on the toolbar

    . The Report Editor window opens.

  3. Select the report element that you want to change.

  4. Click the Properties button on the Report Editor toolbar. The Report element properties window opens.

  5. Click the Margins tab.

  6. Select the Override margins checkbox.

  7. Edit the margin values as required.

  8. Use the up and down arrow or enter an amount in the fields.

  9. Click OK to apply your changes.

Your changes are not saved until you save the report.

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