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Named cell ranges

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Named cell ranges refer to a cell or range of cells in one Format within other Formats. By creating a named range for a cell selection you can go into the Format Editor window for a different Format and reference the named cell range.

The Name box on the Format Editor toolbar is where you name a cell or range. Once named, the contents of the cell or range can be referenced in other Formats.

For example, cell B7 in one Format contains a total that you want to use in another Format. You select the cell B7 in the Format Editor window, enter a name for the range in the Name field, e.g., Total1, then press [Enter]. Total1 now appears in the Name drop-down list. If you open another Format and type =Total1 into a cell in the second Format, that cell displays the total from cell B7 in the first Format.

In the Named Ranges window, accessed from the Named Ranges toolbar button,

you can edit the name and cells to reference for a range, and delete ranges you no longer require. The Named Ranges window lists all the ranges that exist for the selected Format.

The actual total will not be displayed unless you preview a report that contains both Formats. The report will display #NAME or #REF, until you preview a report that contains the required Formats.

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