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Report editor

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Report Editor is the work area in which you create, edit and preview a report. When you are working in the Reports tab, the Report Editor area is on the right-hand side of the Report Designer window.

When you select a report for editing or create a new report, the Report Editor window opens.

There are various ways to open the Report Editor window:

  • Double-click an item in the list within the Reports tab.

  • Click either the New Report or Edit Report button on the toolbar.

  • Select a report and press the [Enter] key.

  • Right-click an item in the Reports tab and select Edit.

The name of the new or selected report displays in the title bar of the Report Editor window. You can have multiple Report Editor windows open at once. Each instance of the window has its own toolbar.

When you open the Report Editor window, a list of all the Groups and Formats that make up the report is displayed. Formats can be organised into Groups within the report.


A folder icon

, identifies a Group. You can expand or collapse these for easier viewing. The Groups, Sections and Formats are listed in the Report Editor window in print order. Use the up and down buttons on the toolbar to move the Groups, Sections and Formats around within a report.

See Groups and formats.


The section icon

identifies a Section in which multiple formats can be placed together. A condition set for the section will apply to all formats in the same section. See Groups and formats.


There are three types of Formats which can be used in reports:

  • Header

  • Body

  • Footer

Each Format in a report is preceded by an icon which tells you which type it is. This icon may also have a C on it

, indicating that a condition has been applied to the Format.

When you right click a Format in the Report Editor, you have the option to change the type of Format (Header, Body and Footer). You also have the option to Edit Format, which takes you straight to the Format Editor. You can then cut, copy and paste Formats to other Groups and to other Ledgers.

See Groups and formats.

Resize window

The Report Editor window can be resized, minimised, maximised and moved around within the Report Designer window.

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