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Groups and formats

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Groups are used in reports to keep sets of Formats together. Once they have been grouped, they can have header and footer Formats applied. Only those Formats in the Group take on the headers and footers, rather than the report as a whole. This enables you to effectively break your report into Groups with different headers and footers.

You can also set conditions (see Setting conditions for a format or group) for a Group, and that condition applies to all the Formats within the selected Group. This saves you having to set the condition for each Format in a Group. This also applies to margin settings (see Margins in reports).

You can add a group to a report or to another group within a report.


Formats are the building blocks that are used to create reports. You are supplied with a list of Master level Formats which you can edit to your requirements, if necessary. Edited Master level Formats are saved at either the Practice or Client level, depending on the level at which you opened Report Designer.

Formats can contain any of the following types of information in order to generate the reporting information required for your practice or a particular client:

  • References to Chart Map folders

  • References to Database Map fields

  • Text

  • Pictures

  • Functions and formulae.

You can also apply styles or formatting to the contents of a Format.

All the Formats available to you at the level at which you opened Report Designer are listed in the Formats tab.


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