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Setting conditions for a format or group

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Conditions are used to define the specific criteria that must be met for a Group, Format or Section to be included in a Report. An element is automatically included if it does not have a condition.

If the system cannot work out if a condition is true or false (e.g. if an invalid formula is entered), the element is included in the report.

To set conditions for a format, group or section
  1. In the Report Editor window on the Reports tab, select the Format, Group or Section that you want to set a condition for.

  2. Click the Properties button on the Report Editor toolbar. The Report Element Properties window opens.

  3. Click the Conditions tab.

  4. In the Formula field, enter the formula for the condition that has to be met for the item to be included in the report.

    To check if the formula is valid, click
  5. Click OK to apply the changes.

  6. Once you have finished making changes to the report, click the Save button
     on the Report Editor toolbar to save and apply the changes to the report.
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