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Setting the margins for generated reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

You can view and, if required, edit the top, bottom, left and right margins for the reports. The default margin settings as previously designed for the report are initially displayed. These defaults are restored at the beginning of each session.

You can set the Unit of Measurement by clicking the ellipsis and choosing either Centimetres, Inches or Millimetres.

If you change the margin settings, then want to set them back to the default without closing and reā€“opening Reporter, simply click the Restore Defaults button.

To set the margins of a report from the Generating Reports window
  1. Open the Generating Reports window.
  2. Click the Properties button for the report whose margins are to be changed.
  3. Click the Margins tab.
  4. Enter a value for Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins. You can use the arrow buttons or type in a value for the margins
  5. Click OK.

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