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Undo / Redo in Design View

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

To undo an action, click


To redo an action, click


If you have made a mistake while designing your Formats you can undo your actions prior to saving the format. Once you save a format, you cannot undo.

Undo is restricted to the following actions:

  • Bookmarks — new, edit and delete.

  • Named Ranges — new, edit and delete.

  • Column Templates — new, edit and delete.

  • Space Filler — new, edit and delete.

  • Page Break — new, edit and delete.

  • Repeat — new, edit and delete.

  • New / Edit / Delete / Format cells.

  • Cut / Paste / Delete and Clear Contents.

  • Row Height / Column Width.

  • Styles (using the Style Editor).

  • Test Configuration.

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