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Working with styles

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Styles also fit in with the hierarchy levels. Styles are available at the Master, Practice or Client level. The level you have opened Report Designer at when you create or edit a style is the level it becomes when you save it.

Therefore, if you create a style at the Client level, it is saved at the Client level for the selected client ledger and is only available for that client ledger when it is opened at the Client level.

A Practice level style will be available for all client ledgers of the same entity when they are opened within Report Designer at the Practice or Client level.

Master styles are always available. If edited, a Master level style is saved to the current level.

Below is an example of three styles listed in the Styles Editor window, each at one of the three hierarchy levels.

  • Default
  • Practice
  • Client

You would only be able to see styles at all three levels when Report Designer is opened at the Client level.

Styles can be applied to one or more cells, one or more columns or one or more rows, depending on the cell selection in the Format Editor window when you select and apply a style.

Styles are a way of saving a common formatting option so it can easily be reused and applied to a cell selection in any Format.

You can format cells on an ad hoc basis by using the Format Cells window, but if you wanted to repeat the formatting for another cell you would have to repeat all the selections in the Format Cells window again. If you use a combination of formatting commands again, it is advisable to save it as a style.

The saved style is available in the Styles list box at the top of the Format Editor window and you can simply select the cells to apply it to and the category, alignment, font, border and pattern selections are applied in one step.

The Style Editor window is where you can add, edit and delete styles. It is accessed from the Styles button

, on the Format Editor window toolbar. For more information on the Styles Editor window refer to Formatting cells.

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