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Error: "Cannot change ledger year while assets ledger is open"

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (AU)
  • AE Accounts (AU)
Article ID: 33153

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Accounts, when attempting to select another year for the Accounting ledger or when performing a Year Close, you may experience the error "Cannot change ledger year while assets ledger is open".  You also may experience the error "Cannot open Assets ledger for client <name>. This ledger is currently in use on machine <name>".

This can occur when the MYOB AE Assets ledger is open or the Assets data file remains open since it was last accessed.  This is the xxxxxx.AST file.

To be able to complete this process, ensure the Assets ledger is closed.  If you still experience the error identify the file name relevant to the Accounts ledger and delete the related lock file.  This could be .lck .lcr .lck or .ldb.

Ensure no one is accessing the Assets ledger prior to performing these steps.
To identify the file name for the ledger

Refer to Identifying the file name/s for an Accounts ledger

These errors occurs where Assets is integrated with AE Accounts, however if you do experience it on a Management Accounting System (MAS) ledger, select Help > About then click Application Details. The lock file is in the client's sub folder in the specified Database location.
To delete the relevant lock file
  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location noted above, in this case C:\Data\MYOB. The content of the folder appears.
  2. Review the contents for files starting with the file name noted above and of the type .lck .lcr or .ldb For example:  000001.ldb. The lock files are identified.
    Note:  If you do not see the file extensions the .ldb file is the Microsoft Office Access Record-Locking Information file.  For information on showing/hiding file extensions refer to Viewing hidden files, folders and drives or enabling file extensions in Windows
  3. Right-click on the lock file, and select Delete. The Confirm Delete window appears.
  4. Click Yes. The file is sent to the Recycling Bin and you are now able to change the ledger year in Accounts.

If you still experience the error, review the Open Files on the server and close the relevant Assets file, the xxxxxx.AST file.  For more details refer to Releasing open files

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