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How do I change the location of my Document Manager File Store?

This support note applies to:

  • AO Document Manager (AU)
  • AO Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (AU)
Article ID: 23404

Sometimes it may be necessary to move your MYOB Document Manager File Store (DMFS) to another location or server when you run out of space.

The following instructions should only be performed by an experienced IT person or Consultant. 

MYOB strongly recommends that you have a current back up of the Document Manager (DM) database and DMFS folder.  For further instructions, refer to Backing up MYOB Document Manager files

How to change DMFS location
  1. Ensure that all users are logged out of MYOB Practice Manager (PM), Document Manager (DM) and all Microsoft (MS) Office applications.

  2. Backup the SQL Database. For instructions refer to the following Knowledge Base Articles relevant to the software that you use:
    - Backing up the MYOB Accountants Enterprise database
    - Backing up the MYOB AE or AO database

  3. Copy the DMFS Directory from the current File Store Server. The DMFS Directory is copied. For further information, refer to Checking the DM File Store location and confirming the machine name

  4. Paste the copied DMFS Directory from Step 3 to a new location. The DMFS Directory is pasted.

    It is recommended that you keep the same directory naming convention.
  5. Check the security on that directory to ensure that only Administrators and System User can access it. The security settings on that directory are confirmed.
  6. Run the DM_Config.exe on the new File Store Server. The DM_Config.exe file is executed.
    For further information, refer to Locating and running DM_Config.exe 

    When changing to a different drive on the same server this will still require that you run the DM_Config.exe file again.
  7. In the DM_Config Utility, ensure that you change the File Store location to the newly created location in Step 4 above (down to the DMFS Level). This will update the database and install the DM services.

    In case of the same server, it will restart the services.
  8. Log back into MYOB PM or DM and follow the menu path: Maintenance > Maintenance Maps > Documents > Document Manager Set Up > File Store Tab. The contents of the File Store is displays.

    Ensure that you check that the File Store location has been updated.
  9. Create a test document and ensure that it saves and closes correctly. A document is tested.
  10. Search for that newly created document on the Document Search screen. The document appears.

    This will ensure that the Indexing Service is working correctly.
Un-installing the DM Configuration from the old File Store Server
  1. Press the Windows key, select the Control Panel and then click Program and Features. The Uninstall or change a program window opens.

  2. Highlight MYOB Document Manager Configuration and select Uninstall. Follow the wizard to un-install the DM configuration.

This will remove the two DM Services (DM Indexing and DM File Store) from the old file server. 

If you do not want to remove the configuration from the old file server, then you can manually turn off the following two services from the old File Store Server.  This is done from the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and you will need to edit the status of the following services to stopped:

  • MYOB DMFS Service
  • MYOB Indexing Service
Using the same process, ensure that on the new server where DMFS is migrated to, that the above two services have the status of Started indicating that they are running
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