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Importing an .MYE file into MAS

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (NZ)
  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 31239

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) MAS version 6.0 and later, you can import transactions from a number of different sources such as other MAS ledgers, other accounting applications, and MYOB small business software.

With MYOB small business software such as Essentials or AccountRight, you can export transactions in a *.MYE file format to be easily imported into a MAS ledger.

This article will guide you through the process of importing a *.MYE file into MAS.

Before you begin, ensure you have:

How to import the transactions into MAS
  1. Open the MAS ledger and follow the menu path Utilities > Import > MYOB Transactions. The Import MYOB Transactions wizard appears.

    If you need to import a .TXT file, choose 3rd Party Transactions.

  2. Click Next. The Confirm Backup of Ledger window opens.

  3. If you have made a backup of your ledger, select the I have a current backup of this ledger check-box and click Next. The Select Transaction File window appears.

  4. Click Browse and navigate to the location where the *.MYE file has been saved. Select the file and click Open.

  5. Then click Next. The Confirm File Details screen appears.

  6. Click Next. The Select Posting Options screen appears.

  7. Select from the following options as to how transactions dated outside the current period will be treated:

    • Reject transactions: This option is selected as the default. The import rejects transactions dated outside the current period.
    • Retain existing dates: The import posts transactions dated outside the current period to other corresponding periods.
    • Assign current period end date: The import posts transactions dated outside the current period, to the current period. The current period end date is applied to those transactions.
    Once you have selected an option, click Next. The Map Account Codes screen appears.
  8. Select MYOB SME to MAS then click Next. The Edit account map screen appears. All remaining account codes that have not been mapped appear on this screen by default.

    If you do not have the MYOB SME to MAS map, refer to Accessing the MYOB SME to MAS account map

  9. Map any unallocated accounts then click Next. The Nominate Suspense Account screen appears. All unmapped transactions will be posted to this account. By default the suspense account allocated is 969.

  10. Click Next. The Completing the Import MYOB Transactions Wizard screen appears summarizing the entire process.

  11. Click Finish. The Import MYOB transactions screen summarizing the total, posted and rejected transactions appears.

  12. If you wish to view the detailed report, click View. Otherwise click OK.

You have now successfully imported MYOB transactions into MAS.

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