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Item D2 - Work related travel expenses

Click this link for information on Item D2 - Work related travel expenses on the ATO website.

Label B - Work related travel expenses

Did the taxpayer have any travel expenses relating to work as an employee?


A dissection grid to detail expenses being claimed is provided at item D2. The action code is selected on the face of the return. Refer to Dissection Grid.

Amounts allocated to item D2 in the Motor vehicle worksheet (mve) or the Depreciation worksheet (d) will integrate calculated amounts to the grid. Refer to Motor vehicle worksheet (mve).

Schedule W

Don't lodge a Work-Related Expenses Schedule (w) unless the ATO have told you to or, if your client brings you a notice from the ATO stating that the schedule W must be completed for the following year.

If you are required to submit the ATO schedule W for work related deductions over $300, click PreparationSchedule > Work related expenses schedule (W). See Work related expenses - ATO Schedule (W).

CCH References

16-220 Deductibility of travel expenses in general

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