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Other Work Related Expenses worksheet (pwe)

From 1 July 2018, if you want to claim work-related expenses, you must complete the ATO Distributions schedule (DDCTNS) - MYOB Code ds).

A new worksheet incorporating the DDCTNS fields as well as the pre-fill fields is now opened at D5, Label E.

If you've completed a Motor vehicle worksheet (mve) or the Depreciation worksheet (d) well pass the values to this worksheet..

The ATO Pre-fill Report includes Union fees and will be pre-filled to the pwe worksheet and included in the total amount to be shown at D5 label E.

You do not have access to the pre-fill fields.

Tax Pre-fill

This schedule can be pre-filled from the ATO Pre-fill report. See Pre-fill manager and Getting started with Tax pre-fill for further income on using this helpful information.

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