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Accountants Enterprise only

This window allows you to define what is displayed in the Contacts Browser.

There are two areas of definition; columns and filters.


The column headings that are ticked will be displayed on the contact browser.

The column headings that may be used in the contact browser are:

  • Contact code

  • Date of birth

  • Surname

  • Alpha

  • Status

  • Occupation

  • Contact type

  • Salutation

  • Full name

  • Alternative code

  • Given name


Tick the types of contacts to be shown on the contacts browser. This lists the contact types that may be included/excluded:

  • Clients

  • Prospects

  • Creditors

  • Other

  • Both Client and Creditor

  • Edited

  • Employees

  • Terminated

Tick those types that you wish to see or tick All types.

To save all changes to this window, select the OK button.

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