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Agent Defaults

Default from Control Record: There can only be one Default agent and that is the Agent nominated in the Control Record. Only select this checkbox if the record being added is the Default Agent.

If the Tabs:

  • Security
  • Connection
  • Passwords 

are unavailable, deselect the Default From Control Record checkbox.

When you open the General tab again these three tabs will be active.

I on Front Covers (else We):This checkbox controls how the wording for the Tax agent's declaration is printed. If the practice is a partnership, leave the checkbox unticked to print ‘WE’ instead of ‘I’.
Enable Signature and Date blocks for Client Copy printingIf your practice gets clients to sign each page of the return and its accompanying schedules , select this checkbox. This functionality does not apply to the ATO-PDF printing. It's optional as the ATO doesn't require the taxpayer's signature and date.
Encrypt saved PDF filesIf you want to encrypt your PDF files, select from the list (Prompt, Always, Never). If you don't select a method encryption won't occur. Refer to Tax Office Copy PDF Functionality and PDF Encryption.

Correspondence Preferences

The ATO has decommissioned the Correspondence Preferences return (CP) and its accompanying schedule L. The screens will be removed in a future release.
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