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The agent details are specified on tabs:

How to manage multiple lodging agents

Where a Practice has more than one lodging Agent, those Agents are shown in the Agent index.

The Agent index is opened when you are maintaining the agent details and when you are selecting an agent for a process. For example when you are selecting the agent for a return on the Return Properties Staff tab or for replacement using Bulk Edit Return.

Agents include:

  • The principal lodging agent for the Practice is the default agent. The details for this agent are entered on the Control Record Lodgment and Names tabs. The default agent need not appear in the Agent’s index. The PLS details for the default agent are maintained via Utilities > Lodgment Setup and generally will not appear on the Agents index. For any return where the Agent is not indicated on the Return Properties Staff tab, the return will be lodged using the default agent details supplied from the Control Record.

  • Agents who lodge under the default agent registration number. These agents use the same name, address and PLS lodgment details as the default agent for the practice. For these agents you must tick the Default From Control Record checkbox on the Agent Properties > Defaults tab.

  • Agents who lodge under a different Tax Agent Registration Number to the default agent for the practice. Their PLS details are maintained on the Security, Connections and Passwords tabs accessed via Maintenance > Agents > Agent Properties.

    De-select the Default From Control Record checkbox on the Agent Properties > Defaults tab to open the PLS tabs for data entry.

From the Agent index, these actions are available:

  • New to add an agent

  • Properties to display and edit agent details

  • Delete to remove an agent from the list

  • Select to transfer the Agent's code and identity to the Return Properties Staff tab.

  • Produce a list of agents:

    1. Click File > List to display the Preview/Print screen.
    2. Select the output options for this listing, and click OK to continue.
    3. The Record Selection window is displayed.
    4. Enter the range of codes to be listed, and click OK to continue.
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