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ATO Report Import

To open the index of these reports select Reports > Audit Trail > ATO report import.

This report deals with the files downloaded from the ATO. It is the Audit Trail of actions taken when this data is used to update Tax. The downloaded files include Activity Statement Client List for quarterly or annual BAS/IAS.

How to Import Audit Trail

When importing the Audit Trail these options are available:

  • View the import audit trail for the file or files selected, or

  • Clear the log file for the file name shown. this will delete the audit trail report.

Audit Trail Report Options

When viewing the Audit Trail you are prompted to select:

  • The sort order for the report as either by Return, Partner or Manager code,

  • To start a new page for each new code, according to the Sort Order selected, and

  • To restrict the report to only those codes where a schedule was not created.

On the Audit Trail Report

File name: The file name will be in the format RPTABnnn and identifies a file selected from the index.

Sorted by: Return code, Partner code, or Manager code as selected in the processing options.

Date file created: This is the date the report is generated.

Audit Trail Messages

In the Audit Trail the data from file RPTABnnn is grouped under headings that are intended to serve as an explanation of the action taken on attempting to import it into Tax. The headings include:

  • New Schedules created: Returns not found in ledger.

  • Existing schedules updated

  • Returns not found in ledger: Schedule not created as an unlodged schedule exists with same period dates.

  • Returns not found in ledger: Schedule not created because of Agent mismatch.

  • GI/GR Schedule not created as lodged schedule exists

Data Listed

The data listed will vary depending on the heading type. But for each return the data listed may include the Return code, TFN, ABN, Return name, Period Dates, Instalment Code, and Partner and Manager code.

The Return code is the code that identifies the parent return in the Tax ledger.

How to interpret the Instalment Code:

  • G - Goods and Services Tax required for the period.

  • W - Pay As You Go Withholding required for the period.

  • F - Fringe Benefits Tax Instalment required for the period.

  • P - Pay As You Go Instalment required for the period.

Audit trail of changes made to returns within Tax

The internal audit trail of changes made to returns within Tax is accessed by selecting Reports > Audit Trail > Tax Preparation. For information on the Audit Trail refer to Tax Preparation Audit Trail.

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