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Budgets Data Entry

This allows you to plan your lodgment program and later report on the number and percentage of returns lodged against the budgets you have set.

You may nominate:

  • the date by which returns should be lodged;

  • the type of returns, either I, P, T or C, F

  • what percentage of returns of a specific level must be lodged by the date shown, (for example, 50% of level 4 returns).

Lodgment tables and budgets can be edited to suit the user's needs, at any time. All levels except level Q data entry in the lodgment screen are driven by what is entered in these tables.


Date: This is the target date by which you want to have the returns lodged. Enter the date in the format DD-MM-CCYY.

The default Date Due in return lodgments is generated from the first date the return's ATO level is 100% due, in budgets.

Form: Select the form types to be included in the report from the list of the available options: I, P and T forms, or C and F forms.


% Lodged: Enter the percentage of returns in classifications LOD1, LOD2, LOD3 and All, for example, 100% of level LOD2 returns. You may bypass a level by click [Enter].

LOD3 - LOD9 are used for substituted accounting periods.

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